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SPIRIT SURGERY Weekend Workshop 

Both days 10am till 5pm 

You wear white for this POWERFUL weekend learning how to work with the ENTITIES OF LIGHT.

This is so that the Entities can work on you over the two days and also ensure you do not take on energies discharged by others.

The aim is that by the end of the workshop you will be able to heal, as Jeanette does, by working with a spiritual doctor/surgeon/team. Please bear in mind that Jeanette has been doing this work for 30 years, so your skill level will likely not be as high as hers is after this first weekend, but you will have started on the journey and will know your next steps to develop your abilities further.


The workshop includes a special meditation to help you understand the nature of the Self – you access your own Soul, Higher Self, learn how to hold your heart centre open and how to hold your awareness to connect with guides. You also transcend the Self going into a transcendental state beyond mind
Practice working with guides – feedback, input from Jeanette and the surgeons as required and more practice – the aim is to have everyone sensing and being moved by the guides
Jeanette will also work with you to help you increase your awareness of the human aura, the chakras, meridians and energy bodies so that you can perceive better what is happening



New for 2024!

1 day 10am till 5pm

A powerful spiritual journey to help you uncover more of who you are, why you are here and to start unfolding your spiritual gifts, so you can be "in Spirit" & guided more of the time. 

Emotional Reprogramming.PNG
Jeanette at Healy Hub.PNG

What if it was possible to change your emotional reaction to people and events? 


In this two hour workshop you learn a simple technique to reprogram yourself and others emotionally, as demonstrated in the video below. 

It is a powerful process that is easy to learn.

By the end of the workshop you will be able to reprogram yourself and family and friends. 

A 2 day TRAINER TRAINING workshop is available for people wishing to teach this process to others - please express your interest by emailing


You cannot transcend what you do not know and to transcend the Self you must know the Self.

Let Jeanette guide you on an exploration of the Self, & then beyond the Self, to experience enlightenment.

Along the way Jeanette will show you how to hold your awareness to be more creative, & to connect with guides and loved ones in spirit world. You will also have an experience of connecting with your own HIGHER SELF. It's a life changing experience that will help you join many dots about who you truly are. 

Transcending the Self 2024.JPG
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