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Links for videos that are useful at this time. This content was originally shared on Facebook but because of increasing censorship I am now sharing it here. I have been amazed at how many of the creators have been taken off Facebook and other social media. Thankfully, many have set up their own websites so this important info can still be accessed.

 It is important not to accept any of this info at face value; do your own research and think for yourself... we have been lied to about many things.

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Guide 1 -  What on earth is happening

Video 1 I Made this is 2019 before our world started changing beyond recognition

Video 2 - What on earth is happening Part 2

Video 3 - Part 3 - The Environmental Prize

Video 4 - an excellent video by Sacha Stone and Bibi Bacchus that helps you understand the straw man and the slavery system

GUIDE 2 - Who controls the world?

Video 1 - Who controls the money?

MONOPOLY: Who Owns the World? – “Best Documentary Ever!” (

Give a man a gun and he will rob a bank. Give a man a bank and he will rob the world.

Video 2 - Who controls the media?

Video 3 - Who controls the oil ( see video 3 - in Guide 1)

Video 4 Who Controls the Law?

At the moment the JUDGES control the law who controls the judges? This video explains how the people used to have control but now 'government' who controls the government?

Video 5 Who owns Australia?

0ther questions to ask...Who controls the medicine? Who controls the education? Who controls the science that is done? Who controls the taxes/ fines?


Video 1 We are the plan

Source 2

Q Messages

Knowledge is power.

Think for yourself.

Trust yourself.

Do due diligence.

You awake, and thinking for yourself, is their greatest fear.

Sheep no more.




Video 3

Video 4 A film by Janet Ossebaaard with the help of countless ANONS The End of the World as we Know it – The Fall of the Cabal by Janet Ossebaard | Decentralize Everything! (

Video 5 - Praying medic, a QANON, in this video he explains Q's founding principles

Video 6 Martin Geddes explains the Q phenomenon

Item 7 a podcast on Trumps Role - this filled in few blanks for me January 2021 BARDS OF WAR

GUIDE 4 Draining the Swamp - 

DRAINING THE SWAMP is a key phrase used by Q. Trump has been draining the swamp since he became president in 2017. There have been record numbers of CEO's,senators &, officials resigning & record numbers of child & people traffickers & pedophiles arrested. He needed to clean the swamp before he could being the CABAL to justice

Trump, referring to the state department, says "or should we call it the deep state department". The guy looking very uncomfortable is Dr Anthony Fauci...he has in charge of the section looking for solutions to COVID 19 and is accused of misleading his team, stopping them going down paths that looked promising... and misdirecting them generally. In WIKILEAKS there are sycophantic LOVE letters to Hillary Clinton from Fauci. Trump is putting this man centre stage with him deliberately - Fauci has been caught. Trump is letting the ANONS know and also the CABAL - he is coming after them EVERY LAST ONE!

Sadly this Twitter account has been suspended - I have still to re-find the video here is his new website


GUIDE 5 - The Storm

This is the phase we are in now. The accidental release of the virus was not expected. The white hats have used it to their advantage. I got my early information about what was happening from Simon Parkes, Simon had links with the CIA and MI6 and has proved a reliable source of intel see

GUIDE 6 - Who controls Facebook & Why?

Facebook collects intel for DARPA - so who is DARPA?

Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency ( $3566,000,000,000.00 I kid you not! budget

GUIDE 7- Adrenochrome


GUIDE 9 Aliens/ Extra Terrestrials

                Do they exist? What EVIDENCE is there?

Video 1 Buzz Aldrin

Video 2 The Disclosure Project 

Stephen Greer a GP, researched the DISCLOSURE PROJECT. Stephen found over 400 EXPERT EYE WITNESS testimonies & in 2008 proclaimed his findings to the world. There was a full press conference to the world in Washington D C that was swiftly followed by nothing... no media coverage.

Make up your own mind.


Video 1 - First US case

Video 2

There are MANY videos online about the efficacy of certain treatments - as fast as they get shared they get taken down or their creator gets banned from social media - this website is a good starting point

Video 3

Video 4

Video 5

A 4 part series of Janet Ossebard creator of Fall of the Cabal

Video 6 

Update on where are are at with the vaccines

Video 7 

This is EVIL at the highest level

Video 8

A Killing of the mind - mass covid psychosis that has taken over the world

Good sources of info:

GUIDE 11 Fall of the Cabal

Fall of the cabal A to Z

GUIDE 12 - Did you know the entire Russian Government stepped down in January 2020?

GUIDE 13 The Great RESET& the World Ecomonic Forum

Excellen speech in the dutch Givernment about C19 and the Great Reset 

GUIDE 14 - Agenda 2021 & 2030

NZ's path to United Nations Agenda 2030 | Star News (

GUIDE 15 - Common Law

GUIDE 16 - People harmed by the vaccine

GUIDE 17 -Pfizer wanting military bases as collateral





GUIDE 19 - Tunnels/DUMBS ( Deep Underground Military Bases)



Where we are now with Clif High-

GUIDE 21 Tools of Oppression - Rockerfella Foundation, Scenarios for future Development LOCKSTEP

Harry Vox interview 2014 

Happening Now - Investigative journalist Harry Vox filmed 2014 (


What is the Devolution theory?

GUIDE 23 Protocols after vaccination



Juan O Savin revealed - streamed 4 hours ago on You Tube


Best advice for wakening others


Good advice for anyone facing JAB or your JOB - this is my belief of the situation💔 New Zealand Fallen 🤬 Nurses SACKED 🤦‍♂️ DEVASTATED Lady Calls Alex 😢 “Got To Sell My House” - YouTube 


What's in the vaccine

Dr Robert Malone, creator of mRNA on Joe Rogan

Dr. Reiner Fuellmich - Update on Nuremberg 2.0 (

UNDER CONSTRUCTION -Dr Fauci recommending a drug that shuts down the kidneys 

Pfizer - Former Pfizer chief scientist Dr Michael Yeadon speaks out 

Pfizer - Whistle blower shares that the vaccine contains elements from a foetal line (686) Pfizer Whistleblower Leaks Execs Emails: ‘We Want to Avoid Having Info on Fetal Cells Out There' - YouTuber​

 Why I stopped donating to Greenpeace


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