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"Life as it is meant to be lived is an outpouring of action from the deepest recesses of the Soul"


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Psychic Surgery

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Distant Reiki
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Take Charge
of your life!
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Relax & retrain
your eyes
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   EMF Protection

About Me

At 31 I was visited by one of my guides and told why I was here " You are here as a teacher and a healer, do not forget the ones that cannot see they will still feel the vibration" - and so embarked on a voyage of discovery unfolding my gifts and helping others to do the same. I tell the full story in my first book MEDIUM RARE.

I have written four books now and had my own TV series in New Zealand, where I now live, and on Sky TV. I am passionate about helping people awaken to their full potential.

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More About My Work

In today's upside down world it is not possible for me to tour as I once did  & and so I work mainly at a distance now using video calls. 

Please note that the healing that comes through me is COMPLEMENTARY to conventional medicine. You should consult a medical professional for any health issues giving you cause for concern and follow your medical professionals advice.

For examples of my work see the videos in the

What To Expect At A Show section OR visit my Vimeo Channel


 You can search within my Vimeo channel to see the results I got for particular symptoms & conditions

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